Programs used to build this website

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Adobe Systems Incorporated - Logo and header design as well as side bar items.

RSS Feed aggregation:
  • RSS Mix rssmix.com - Feed Aggregator
  • dlvrit.com dlvr.it - Feed pushing to Facebook.
  • Google feedburner Google - Feed conversion.
  • Facebook API Facebook, Inc. - Publishing platform that provided an embeddable API with good documentation.

Web Design:
  • Notepad Microsoft Corporation - I write all code in notepad.
  • w3schools w3c - Documentation on php, js, css3 and html5. Also for web compliance.
  • stackoverflow - General queries.

Content Providers:
  • YouTube Google - Video content platform
  • Twitch Amazon - Video streaming platform
  • Facebook Facebook, Inc. - Publishing platform
  • DeviantArt DeviantArt - Art publishing platform

Practiced Webstandards: